Terry Theise Wine Collection
“These [wines] are what I’d call CLASSIC Rheingau Rieslings, which is to say they are spicy, stoic and firm. The true RG-Riesling is almost never ingratiating, though they are delicious in their cordial ways. They possess another kind of charm; the kind that doesn’t care what you think of them. Traditionally this kind of Riesling has always skewed dry, or dry-ish, and these wines are no exception. Nothing here is what any normal taster would call ‘sweet,’ even the wines with residual sugar. But they are saturated with personality and with the easy command that makes such wines aristocratic.”
– Terry Theise
Weingut Goldatzel Johannisberger Goldatzel Kabinett Feinerb 2017
Muller-Catoir Scheurebe M-C Trocken 2016
Carl Loewen Riesling Longuich Herrenburg Kabinett 2014
Weingut Heinrich Blaufrankish 2016
Weingut Heinrich Red 2015
Weingut Wieninger Vienna Weiner Trilogie 2015